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Photography | WWYF Fashion | Notting Hill | July

Today I ended up in Notting Hill in baking heat, on potentially the sunniest day this year, doing some freelance photography for an old BBC friend Don Kong, who has left as the manager of the production talent pool and now runs his own fashion business! Thats pretty amazing!

Everything you see in the photos was designed and made by Don and his company, and he wanted some product shots of his new line for the upcoming Notting Hill carnival, of which they were providing a clothing line for. So myself, Don, his business partner and 3 models later, we found a fashionable set of streets in Notting Hill and spent a fun afternoon shooting some fashion photography. I hope you like the snaps, I absolutely love the colours, mood and tension in the group shots. Its the first time I've done something like this since finishing A-Level, and outside of a studio the first time at all, and I think it came out rather well.

You can find more officially about the clothing line and my involvement, plus photos used, here:

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