• Andrew Daley

Photography | Iron Hands | Surya | July

Tonight I ended up back in Islington at the Surya music bar, with the band Iron Hands on their UK tour and with my old mate Tom Woodward. Harry Bullas, Iron Hands' bass player, was one of our tour reps when off with Woodward in February, so he asked me to come shoot some snaps for Iron Hands whilst they were out singing, and we did some band shots in the moody park across the road after the show as well to make good use of the time.

The band remind me a lot like Kasabian and have a real gritty rock vibe. Unfortunately the lighting in Surya is shit, it always has been and probably will always be. They need less of the red/purple floods and need to stick some actual white/yellow spots on the stage when people are playing, instead of just flooding the place with ONLY red and purple mood lighting (asides the mint green exit signs), which will be a lot more helpful to actually watch the dribbling teenagers singing on stage, and maybe take some half decent photos by the freelancers in attendance occasionally. One can dream eh? Make the most of a bad situation.

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