• Andrew Daley

Scout Pride 2015

Today marks the London Pride parade, of which I attended with the large group of Scouts representing inclusivity, diversity and #Scouting4All. It was an amazingly hot day, where I was with Chris and Adam (from Scout Media & Scout Radio respectively), where Chris was filming the parade, Adam was recording audio content, and I was shooting photos for Scout Radio and doing some audio stuff myself.

We met at a fancy hotel with the other scouts around 10am in the centre of London, where we had some breakfast, threw on some purple t-shirts and kneckers which were free, and did some workshops for an hour until we we met at the parade starting point, then marched all the way across London. The scouts had a prime spot near the front of the parade, alongside the traditional scout-branded coach we were loaned for the day. It was incredibly hot in the 20s+, with the sun beating down and crowds bigger than the London marathon. There was constant scout chanting of Oggy Oggy Oggy and lots of campfire songs, whilst the samba band on the float behind us created a 3-4hr marching party atmosphere whilst walking through the biggest main streets in London, and we were waving at the crowds, promoting the word of Scouting and Inclusivity. Afterwards, the lads introduced me to the beauties of Wahaca, after we all went for the custom rehydration 'drink' in the local public house. I had an amazing time in the parade, and afterwards my photos were used by Flags ASU and The Scout Association, which was incredible to get some good publicity. I definitely want to do Pride next year, and will be there with my camera, as we've already been booked in!

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