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Udine FEFF 2015 | Campus Scheme

This year heralded my return again to the Udine Far East Film Festival, in Udine Italy. It was my 4th year at the festival, and as each year does, it was only more amazing and was as fun as always.

I got to catch up with a lot of friends this year, I wrote a lot of reviews for, shot a lot of interviews, and took part in the FEFF journalist campus scheme this year, where myself and other selected young journalists from across the globe joined the FEFF staff team as writers. This gave us the chance to interview all the guests, get exclusive seats at screenings (we literally had VIP seats saved for us, the best in the house, for most screenings), we went to the exclusive A*** VIP dinner on the opening night which went on from 10pm-2am.. with too much free wine... and were treated like royalty. It was a great experience, we got to interview the Udine mayor, visit the local government offices, attend exclusive filmmaker talks hosted by the festival and write our own newsletter which was published and distributed to everyone in attendance and content for the FEFF website.

As you can probably tell from all that, it was a crazy busy experience, but my best year at the FEFF yet. I watched more films than I have before, wrore more than I have in other years and made a lot of professional industry contacts. I got to meet JACKIE CHAN and Teddy Chen, Nansun Shi and Herman Yau & Erica Li again. I got to catch up with friends from New York and Hong Kong, and made contacts with some prestigious film critics and festival organisers from across the globe. All the while having a lot of fun with Mr Heskins from Easternkicks and trying to balance website content every day.... I've kept in touch with all my friends from Udine, and I hope to see them again in the future. You can get a taste for the experience below, with some photos from the FEFF and articles from easternKicks.

Here's an interview I shot with one of my friends, the Korean director Wonsuk Lee who shot the acclaimed The Royal Tailor. This interview was a lot longer, and consisted of much wine, but its been trimmed to retain professional credibility..

My favourite film of the festival by far.... Rubbers

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