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Photography | Lost Dials | Camden Barfly | April

It seems to be becoming a thing that I'm shooting these guys when we cross paths now. Tonight I was down in the Camden Barfly doing more photography work for my friends the Lost Dials, it was a great night and they played an amazing full set on their first headline tour!!! I got to catch up with some of my friends in the London gig scene, and the only downside was kicking my camera down the backstage stairwell (but it didn't break or take any scratches, its very rugged...). Well It more slipped out my hand whilst changing batteries and bounced down the steps... but asides that, good night! This London lark is pretty cool right?


Flickr - IMG_1804

Flickr - IMG_1995-2

Flickr - IMG_2002

Flickr - IMG_2217








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