• Andrew Daley

Videographer | Cycling Weekly

Written in retrospect. October 20th 2015.

On this day I started my first professional graduate job working as a Videographer for Time Inc UK, primarily across the brands Cycling Weekly, Cycle Sport, Cycling Active & MBR Magazine.

The past half a year has been crazy. I've flown to Germany, worked in Wales, attended incredible press events in Saville Row, shot contracted ad videos for Microsoft, made some experimental videos, driven across the country in work cars to large cycling days in Marlow working with professional teams, interviewed pro riders such as Mark Cavendish, The Yates Brothers, Luke Rowe and Alex Dowsett, planned some long shoots in Cumbria with our fitness team shooting pretty videos on the road, used some really great kit, finally got the chance to work in London, and been part of a great team making some beautiful content.

I feel incredibly lucky with this job, and feel that the company itself is something that could work out comfortably longterm for myself. I don't have much interest in Cycling, but I've got a vetted interest to make the best content I can, and that is enough payoff satisfaction I need, though I hope to develop in the future. I could talk all day about the job, but it's better to just show you a few photos of what it's been like, from out on shoots, where I've been, and some of what we've made.

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