• Andrew Daley

The Brother Code - PUBLIC RELEASE!

After being screened in London, New York, Japan, Argentina, half of Europe (through the NEU/NOW Fest) and even in Edinburgh...

We bring you the public online release of our award-winning short film The Brother Code, exactly 365 days since wrapping on the sunny beaches of Devon.

What's left to say? Enjoy!

I'm very proud of this, so so proud. What's next for me? Well... The Wedding of Alan McFafferty seems like a very appealing idea as another film. So let's get saving money up ready to shoot... Will it happen this year? I don't think so, maybe next year or the year after, I haven't even started a script yet. But I know that The Brother Code has given me the inspiration, knowledge and know-how to make another film. It was a launching platform for future projects, I know I need to try harder, get more of a budget, and wish for the best!

#thebrothercode #shortfilm #film

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