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I've got a job!

I've got a job!

I've been offered a job as a videographer with Time Inc UK, a massive company who own lots of brands, and I'll be based in their Cycling department down in Croydon, South London. For me it'll be a massive move across the country, I'll be leaving Angela behind, and my first full time job as a graduate (and actually working in something I enjoy). Perhaps this could be the start of something great, as I'm now doing something with my degree and moving to the big city where all the fabled jobs are. I know now that moving to London is the best decision, as its where our EasternKicks base is, and where a lot of my friends are heading. I need to go there for work, so off I'm heading!

View from the Time Inc UK offices in Croydon

Interview with Time Magazine.jpg.jpg


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