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This week has been full of setbacks.

I won't really go into detail, asides one situation. An interview I went for at my old Students Union, and spent over a month preparing for (even before knowing I had the interview and had just applied), and ultimately didn't get, losing the job to someone internally.

I'm not going to go into semantics, details and what-could-have-beens; I've seen this exact situation before and maybe I've missed a bullet, who knows? The one thing I do believe very strongly however, is the actions of said person are no better than the actions of the other who was causing the prior distressing situation.

Ultimately, it was the job I wanted, just the one I didn't get at the time.

I'm going to post below publically all the work I did for the interview presentation, so whoever wishes can see the effort, preperation and planning I put into the interview position. This may sound bitter, and in a small way I am. 9 years of experience, a degree in my field, winning various awards and achieving accolades (compared to...) might have mistankely made me think I had a good chance at the job.

Is it back to the drawing board? I don't know.

I'm currently working on stuff for another interview I had yesterday, and It would be nice to get one of those positions and finally get the chance to leave. You know one of those environments and ruts you get stuck in, and need to escape, flip your life-table over and start with a new floor?

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