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A resolution of sorts.... #2015

It's the time of year when people of all ages, shapes and sizes are staggering around and slurring out any kind of disjaunted malfunct ideas, in the vain hope that they might make a better effort of their life in the next year than they did in the previous.

What did I do last year? I shot a film (which has premiered at 6 festivals globally so far and reached an audience of over 2000), I got into the BBC Production Talent Pool (after never thinking I'd work in the Media or get into the scheme at all, competing against 4000+ for about 100 places), I went back out to Italy in April and worked there for a fortnight, I climbed Snowdon (a personal goal) and traipsed around the Peak District with a group of mates for two seperate weeks (where we finally completed both our Queen Scout and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards), and I spent a fortnight in Norwich working with all my scout friends from around the UK with 4000 kids at Norjam 2014.


I graduated University with a 1st Class Honours Degree, I won several awards from University such as Outstanding Contribution to Coventry University Students Union 2014 and the Art & Design Moving Image Award 2014. Oh and I came top in my University course year with the Red Dot Award, after being told (or threatened) I was going to be kicked out twice over my time there... from Zero to Hero right? On top of that I've had 3 interviews with the BBC since September, two in London and one in Birmingham, and I've made lots of new friends and media contacts whilst doing freelance working, festival work and attending conferences or 'drinks'.

So what do I want out of 2015?

I never really enter a year, or a month, with any expectations of what I feel I deserve out of some vain malconstrued form of entitlement (or like a single parent in Waitrose desperately trying to meet the squealed demands of their pampered precious, bunched fists-a-flailing..). So I'd like to set that straight first of all, I'm not one of those people who makes resolutions that they won't keep to, or promises of desperation to keep 'baaing' away with the rest of the flock.

Instead, this is what im going to do in 2015.

- I have another interview tomorrow morning, aka Monday 5th January, down at New Broadcasting House in London. My focus this year is nailing one of these interviews, If I do enough then eventually one is bound to stick right? I want to eventually work at the BBC, plain and simple. I never expected to pass my GCSE's or A-Levels (neither did many other people think that of me...), nevermind get into University or even finish first in my course, so whilst I'm doing unachievable things that I've always dreamed of but never thought was true, I want to work there. It's not a dream, nor a wish or resolution. It's a stalwart fact.

- I'm going on a UK Tour in February with one of my favourite bands and some close friends as their personal photographer (and videographer)

- Heading down to Windsor for the Queens Scout Parade at the end of April along with my other friends who've completed the award. A mammoth undertaking, and a proud moment.

- Similar to the above, I'm flying out from Windsor that night to Italy and heading to the Udine Far East Film Festival at the end of April, as per usual for that time of year. It'll be my 4th year in a row, this year I'll be representing and taking some of the team with me. I'm greatly looking forward to it.

- Sometime around June/July is the Coventry Scout Network annual Festival camp

- August I'm hoping to go camping (Twice! I always go camping, but these two are very special and warrant their own token mention, however I can't reveal too much more at the moment)

And asides all of that, I'm generally going to keep doing what I do; help support my old Student Media guys, try be a consistently better boyfriend to a girl who really could do better, shoot lots more photography (including Wrestling, hoping to broach more around the UK), and generally have a good old time!

My one aim this year is a job in the Media industry, so lets do that!

Like I said; It's not a resolution, but fact. At this moment, it's only a matter of time.

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