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The Brother Code - Festival Announcements

I'm excited to talk about the previous month, and it's profound effect on my short (and first) film The Brother Code!

It has now been picked up for another 3 festivals since my last post, as you can probably see above. On the right, It is part of the Official Selection for the Indieburgh Film Festival, taking place up in Edinburgh which is coincidentally the first UK Screening of my film, and the first time it's been shown in front of an audience of complete unknowns!

On the left, I've had the delight of knowing it's also been picked up for two more online competitions, the first being 'Short Of The Month - October Edition' (Which takes place in November....), and #TOFF or 'The Online Film Festival - December Edition'. I've been wary about entering online festivals as I don't want to damage the chance of my film getting screened at other festivals, as they generally don't take a short if it has been available for free online, however I liked the angle that these festivals had and how they played up Indie Filmmakers, so was happy to be a part of them.

As for the future, I'm having several positive conversations at the moment with a few other filmmakers and film festivals, hopefully you'll get the chance to catch it local soon, or watch it online!

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