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Photography - CPW | Coventry Pro Wrestling | October

This week I was back out with local indie entertainers and athletes from the Coventry Pro Wrestling franchise, though this time at a different and more 'fancy' venue on the other side of the city. It was a great night and I got to push my photography skills again dancing around the room snapping away. Some of the problems this time was the lighting in the room; it was a darker venue that used primarily purple and blue spotlights to create a club atmosphere, with only white spots pointing straight down into the ring so it was harder for me to shoot quicker (and I had to pump the ISO right up). I didn't want to use my flashgun as the speed I was shooting would have caused epilepsy with the constant flashing...

Albeit the lighting problems, I still got some great photos out of the event and cut down to 71 finished pieces out of 577, though I would say that probably 20 are 'best' photos. I've uploaded a selection below that you can look at from the event to get a feel for it and see the action.


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