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The Importance of Time. "Your life is a currency" - #DiscoverMedia

"Lets suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream,and that you could, for example, have the power within one night to dream 75 years of time, or any length of time you wanted to have" - Alan Watts : 'Adventure of Dreams'

First, load up this and play it in the background.

You there, sitting right now, reading this. Wake up.

"Wake up?" You may ask, and indeed I do say "Wake up!"

What are you doing right now, if not but sitting and reading, are you alive? Are you breathing? Is this a productive use of your time, sitting and reading an unknown blog in the vain desperation you might learn something with an iota of importance, or feel pity as perhaps you may know the writer so read this post out of habit or resigned resolution. What are you doing right now, if not reading, and breathing, and using time.

Think of life as a currency. You have a wallet (or a purse, let's not discriminate) given to you upon birth. It's full to bursting and coins drip from the cracks as the seconds pass by. You have so much money in this wallet (or purse) that indeed it can't hold it all and it's slowly falling out as time floats away, you have invisible hands that take notes from inside and pass it to someone else when you spend an hour in their company, these floating appendages pay the shop when you drop in for a snack and allay your hospital bills after your stay.

What are you on about?! You may ask, and what are these notes and currency dropping from your person if not time itself; as a form of payment and exchange for services, company and life.

Is your life worth £6.45 an hour at the local papershop? Is that film really deserving of two hours that you'll never EVER get back? Like an hourglass, you've only got so much in your wallet and whilst you may


borrow time from others, that never really becomes yours and it ticks away ever so fleeting...

Consider for instance, right now, what you want to do next week. Have you got it planned? How about next year, or the year after? What's your five year plan? I don't have one. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't, or don't! Everybody is different, and it's how you utilise that essence of difference towards your person and actions that in itself becomes an exploitation of the very product we are limited with.

Do you want a job? Then spend your time learning!

I'm not telling you to crack a book (okay maybe an interesting one) or sit down in the classroom, but enhance your personal knowledge. Maybe watch a film, read a classic novel (you've always wanted to get around to that list of '100 classic novels' so throw an app on your phone, download and read on the move!), sign up to a few youtube tutorials and maybe buy a book or two that you WILL read. Not something like 'the contemporary blah-de-blah of cultural cinematic studies'; unless you like that, it could be your thing. How about a book slightly more pricier on Cinematography that you'll enjoy, a book which has diagrams and detailed picture descriptions that you'll learn from? Go crack open NoFilmSchool and Cinephilia & Beyond, you want to find out how to get into the media then hone your skills and become someone that the media wants to get into!

What are you doing wasting your time waiting for a job? Sign up to LinkedIn and get your CV online, get in contact with local charities or youth groups, companies in the place you live and other volunteers! Ask for help, if you can come along and record their activities or get involved somehow (I don't know what you want to do! I'm giving ideas if you want more camera or photography experience) and take advantage of the opportunities that come to you. At the moment im shooting the local Pro Wrestling league whilst off work; it's unpaid but im hoping to progress to more work and bigger shows, pad my portfolio and experience something different that most people would never hear of! These small opportunities give you a chance to fine tune your equipment capabilities and provide experience of acting in a 'live' situation without having a gaffer or AP screaming at you to clear set, learn some basic spacial awareness and how to act on a technical set. Create yourself a profile online, get your work up through Vimeo or Flickr, heck even join 500Pix if that's your thing.


Set up a Facebook page only if you really want to, it's maximum effort for minimum reward nowadays as nobody sign's up for them anymore (unless they are your friend, and even then it's only out of pity as they don't read your posts. sorry!) unless it's REALLY worth their while such as a page with constant posts and thousands of likes. Twitter is where most of the fast action goes on, create yourself some lists and categorise the different people you want to follow and learn more from. Even if you aren't being paid, or aren't in work, you may not be a professional or have even worked a job before! Take a chance, everybody started somewhere. I started by taking small photos of my local scouts on activities such as climbing and kayaking, then was noticed for my photos by people higher up and they asked me to do some regional events, and it progressed from there. Find yourself a niche, practise your skills, hone your knowledge, Market yourself online and best of all, don't waste your time.

Your time is important, you don't have an infinite amount of it and you're constantly giving it away to other people for free, so make the most of what you have. Put aside 20 minutes a day to spend on reading or learning. I'm not telling you to stop contacting your friends or giving yourself away for free, just consider yourself as a property that you're constantly selling to other people, make the most from the payment you'll recieve for selling yourself.

Get out there!

Relax, have fun, Enjoy Life, and remember that your time is precious, so make the most of it as you'll never get it back. Decide what it is you truly want to do, and go for it!

What's stopping you?



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