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The Brother Code - NEU/NOW Festival

After being picked up for the Sir Charlie Darwin Film Festival at the start of September, my short film The Brother Code has now also been selected as part of the 'NEU/NOW European Festival of Higher Education Arts'.

The exact description of the festival is "The NEU/NOW Festival is an innovative international platform for talented graduating artists coming out of Higher Arts Education Institutions, and Universities across Europe and beyond – to present themselves to a wider international audience within a professional arts context. The Festival features the most excellent new artists now entering the professional arts arenas and is an international showcase for emerging creative talent.".

The Brother Code is available as part of the online section of the festival, and is available at this link here. It feels great that my work is getting more recognition and seen on a wider stage, especially when I only really shot TBC for a grade, and was adamant that I didn't want to focus too much upon getting it seen wider or distributing after Production.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 14.02.08.png

For the future, I'm definitely considering shooting another film. Not this year, and not next year, but sometime soon I'm going to shoot my second film. Maybe slightly longer, definitely with a larger budget (and self financed...) so I can afford more, better and to actually pay cast and crew proper rates. I've got a few ideas; such as a sequel to The Brother Code (or a prequel), or an extended short about roller blading, camping and 'The Outdoors'. Only time will really tell what happens next, but after this experience I'd like to push the limits further and see where it takes me...

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 18.35.19.png

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