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The use of a First?

One thing my friend showed me recently (and I acknowledge it's over a year old) is an article from the Daily Mail (my first mistake) featuring Labour peer Lord Winston stating that he wouldn't employ a graduate with a first class degree; himself openly admitting to discriminating against those who apply for his jobs with one and stating "I would rather have young people around me who developed other interests at university and didn’t just focus entirely on getting that first."


I have a first class degree, in Media Production (which is incredibly useful, give a wealth of experience into all areas of the 'media' industry so I can do well at and apply for a range of media-based jobs) from Coventry University who just happened to have the top course in the UK in 2014. So I finished University with the best grade, nevermind the fact I didn't even dream of going to University in the first place considering my background, and also from the best course in the country. Does this make me less employable? Evidently some would argue YES!

So what exactly do I need to do to make myself more employable?

'Develop other interests at University...'

Well there seems to be a start, so to not sound arrogant but to get my point across, let's make a list

  • President of the Creative Writing Society

  • Active member of the Coventry East Asian Film Society (BFF Award Winning, hosts biggest UK Student Asian Film Festival), Rock Society, Gaming Society, Film Club and Christian Union

  • Media Liason & Member of the Societies Committee; helping to organise and coordinate 90+ societies on Coventry University Campus, develop members, approve budget requests and society creation, suppot other committee members and 2000+ society members.

  • President (and Founder) of the Coventry University Archery Team (which contained 2 Archers from the UK under 25's Olympic Squad)

  • Active member of the Coventry University Snow Sports Team

  • Coventry University Student Council Member

  • Source TV Manager, Source Radio Presenter & Source Media Manager 2013/14 (helping to both relaunch the student media at Coventry University since 2011 and run/coordinate 200+ students as Student Media Manager for Coventry University Campus in 2013/14)

Oh and whilst 'at University'; I also lived at home, lived off the bare minimum each year, still did household chores and helped my parents during studies, volunteered at least 5 hours each week as a Scout Leader for young people, volunteered at my local scout campsite on the service crew each week, completed my Queen Scout & Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, and won a selection of Awards from the University.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder whether I could have fitted anymore in whilst at University, and if all of that 'extra curricular' activity isn't enough to make me a well rounded and worldly person outside of my high achieving studies (of which I was damned sure I'd be getting a 2:2), then I don't think I can make myself any more employable or get a job at all. Every day I was busy, every night I'd be working hard or volunteering with young children or at a society meeting or a 3hr long commitee meeting to help make the student studies and experience better.. Every weekend I'd be stuck in books or computers or in a forest or a kayak on a lake or a field with a bow in my hand or out on the snow slopes.

I'd like to ask the simple question, "Would you employ me, Lord Wilson?",


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