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The Brother Code - Sir Charlie Darwin Film Festival

My short film The Brother Code is part of the official selection for the 2014 Sir Charlie Darwin Film Festival!


What does this mean for me?

Well, im ecstatic that it's finally going to be screened to more people, as the sole purpose of a film is for it to get watched, and to be a content creator where people like the things you are making and they are being selected because of that to be shown wider in front of others... It makes all the hard work and effort feel worthwhile and like a breeze.

This was the first professional short film I've shot; putting my own money into it, hiring crew and actors, booking locations, spending time scouting and months in pre-pro (alongside months in post-pro). Alongside award winning and recognisable actors and voice talent, I'm happy that The Brother Code is finally getting seen by more people, it's a story that is personal to me and I want to share. In the pipeline are more festival screenings for the next year, before It'll be publically available online sometime next summer, maybe by that time the next short will be in production...

Find out more about the Sir Charlie Darwin Film Festival below.

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