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Norjam 2014

This summer I spent a lot of time at the Norwich International Jamboree 2014, or Norjam 2014, along with 6000 young scouts and about 1000 adult volunteers. My role during the week was on the 'video team', one of the departments in the on-site media team, where we generally got up around 7am and worked from 9am til 10pm (or whenever work finished for the day, sometimes earlier and sometimes later, there was always time for the bar after...).

It was a hectic time, shooting every day and getting content online consistently at a high quality, sticking to a regimented schedule with presenters and Live OB's around both the main stage and over the whole site, along with novelty cameras such as quadcopters and gopro rigs on the activities. I could wax lyrical about the whole experience for a long time, however my main objective this year (after a bad camp last year, as all my friends will attest) was to just go and 'live'. Little sleep, enjoy every moment, dance to music, laugh with my friends constantly, eat lots, drink merrily, and make sure all 6000 kids have an amazing time whilst we enjoy life as much as is fully possible. I made a LOT of friends during the week, got a very bad reputation ("He's not the Messiah..." or "Jesus looks hungover again" are just a few comments from humorous staff members during breakfast at 7.30am) and made sure every moment was enjoyed. I worked the hardest I ever have on a live film team, complained constantly (like a good crew member) and smiled too much.

What can I take away from it? Well, a lot of experience working as part of a large Live events team, producing content every day at a consistently high quality, looking after equipment in any weather/situation, shooting for DVD (and editing for/making a dvd from the content for sale), live broadcasting to the main stage screens, ect...

If you want to find out more, watch my favourite edit of the week below, or watch more from Norjam 2014 at the link.

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