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Scouting Summer

This summer I spent time doing a lot of Scouting activities with my adult friends across the country, as im an Adult Volunteer (Scout Leader) for the UK Scout Association. I've been a Scout for over 21 years now, and the opportunities I get through it are amazing; such as travelling abroad to countries like Switzerland and Czech Republic, Hiking Snowdon, Attending yearly festivals and working as part of large media teams.

This summer, we kicked off with Gilwell 24 back in... July? It was a long time ago, but we stayed up for 24 hours filming the activities of the young people around Gilwell, creating videos and media content for the event use. This was followed by my Gold Duke of Edinburgh (and Queen Scout) practise expedition in the Peak District, hiking for 4 days around the mountains and visiting villages. We then had a two week rest and our 5-person team undertook our Main expedition (to complete the award) by hiking 50 miles from the beach/coast of North Wales all the way to the peak of Snowdon (below), through heatwaves and torrential rain, snow and fog, wet food and carrying a 70L rucksack with all your equipment.


A week after this, I spent 12 days camping in a tent on Norwich Showground working at Norwich International Jamboree 2014 with 1000 staff members and 6000+ young people. It was an amazing week, you can watch one of the videos I helped shoot (and personally edited) below. Overall it was an amazing experience, pulling 12-15hr days whilst shooting Live OB's around the side, broadcasting performances to the screens on the main stage, shooting VT's with the young people, playing with quadcopters and gopro mounts and slow-motion shooting and all other forms of interesting equipment. Working as part of a small volunteer team (6 of us) shooting content every day to create daily videos, a saleable DVD at the end of the week, live broadcast material around the site stage screens and much more. This is the third year I've done it now, and it only gets more fun and amazing each time! Okay, there's only 4hrs sleep max each day, but that's enough right?


I got to mess around with all my mates from Scout Radio whilst on site, helping out around their studios whilst they broadcasted 24/7 Online and on FM.


It's now the end of the Summer and approaching the fall, where we've got more activities lined up over the next few months, such as shooting at Scarefest during the end of October and setting up a Volunteer based Active Support Media Unit for the Scout Association, I can't really say much about that as it's all a MASSIVE project and Hush Hush currently, but it's going to be a massive scale project when launched, and hopefully productive for the year to come. Scouting generally calms down from November - January, so it might lull soon but there's always stuff to do!


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