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My 2013 in Photography

This is a repost from the old blog

2013 was a good year, at least for myself and photography. I feel that this year I embraced my hobby more and generally had a lot of fun, and looking back on these pictures shows that I did. The journey through the pictures shows an insight into my 2013, not all of these are my pictures, but most are. This isn't a complete recap of 2013, just the stand-out moments, if I went over everything then this post would be 10x longer...


This is going to be as much a fun diary style post as it is a journey, a journey through my own year with some info dropped in along the way.

So stand by, ready to begin?


January started with the Varsity promo vid myself and Sean Maitland shot for Source TV, we got a lot of real nice pics on the day, but this is my stand-out both because of the glow around the face and the name tagged on the back, that sports team and those members have came to mean something to me this year.

Moving on is the Jets American Football snowbowl. This was the day after the varsity shoot, the city was blanketed in snow and I saw they were going to have a small game in the snow over the local park, so I went along and took a few snaps for the team. This one really epitomises the day.


After this was the first 'HOTWIRE' live music gig in the HUSH nightclub. Sarah asked us to come along and do some filming/photography of the event, so myself, Brett & Luke went along for the night.


Some time around here was the Winter Camp at Gilwell Park in January.


Following this was our University course trip to Berlin. I feel this was where I really came into my own, spending every day for hours at a time with the camera in my hand and learning to know the settings better, how to use it properly, and also how to just relax and have fun whilst taking photos. There are a LOT of great images I took in Berlin I feel, so im only putting a selection here.


A large group of us from the course spent the whole day just walking around Berlin taking in the sites, this is probably half the group above. It was incredibly good and it's a shame we don't have more opportunities like that. Including the Brandenberg Gate above, we also visited the Holocaust Museum & memorial, the Berlin Film Festival, and took in some culture/education, as in the picture below


We also found a local Berlin yob whilst walking around the Holocaust memorial.


I really started to enjoy architecture and 1 point perspective in Berlin, it just had a lot of open empty spaces with beautiful buildings, it was hard to NOT take advantage of that.


Whilst in Berlin, I decided to go to the Berlin Zoo. I've never been to a zoo before, and it was relaxing to spend most of the day just walking around at my own pace on my own, taking photos and enjoying it. Plus I got to see lots of cool animals in person that I never would have had the chance, the fact the place was covered in snow and empty of people because of the snow made it feel more enjoyable and personal.


Yeah, with my student card I got a reduced ticket into the Zoo which also had an aquarium pass included, whereas a regular ticket was more expensive and didn't have the pass, so I spent about 2 hours taking advantage of the empty aquarium house...

I forgot to say, I also spent awhile throwing snowballs at this seal, who kept hitting them back at me. You might call it animal cruelty, but the little git hit me in the eye, he gave as good as he got.


Oh, I also saw penguins!!!


and meerkats


Also whilst in Berlin, I spent a whole day walking around with this handsome chap. I'm glad I got to spend time just walking around having fun and taking photos with Dan, he's the first bloke I made friends with at Uni and I don't see enough of him anymore as he's in France currently. One of the best moments in Berlin.


Berlin also brought the first professional film project unattached from University I organised and we worked on. A documentary about an abandoned theme park.


I forgot to mention, we went on the rides whilst there


Back from Berlin, we photographed the 2nd HOTWIRE event.


Later on in March was the annual Leicestershire 'Beaveree'


That's a lot of 6-8yr olds...

And here's my favourite photo of the event


Late April brought the Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy. A meet up with old friends such as Luca, and more exciting work


There was also a cosplay element to the film festival, Freddy Mercury dropped by with his pet...


Iron Man was there chilling out after the release of his latest film


Following April was the end of the 2nd year of my degree, and spending 2-3 months working for a tv company editing a documentary series, and somewhere in the middle of that time period was the annual Network Festival, check out Frisbee Golf!


There was also the Gilwell 24 event. Far too hot, little sleep...

Shot a lot of the weekend in RAW for this, to have a little bit of fun and do something different.


I took far too many photos at this event, never got around to editing through them. That might be a job for 2014...

Following Gilwell 24, I did a small something for a friend. Took some of my best photos this year, probably some of my best photos yet


Sometime after this in early August was our Network Summer Camp. I didn't get many group photos.


Following this was the Kent International Jamboree. Too much happened in the space of a week, too much fun, too much activities. The whole of KiJ is just a blur now, so have some pictures instead.


Late August/ early September I took some photos for the 2013/14 sabb team, 5 people I've worked closely with so far this year and probably will continue until June.


After this was the annual Cub September Camp, where we took 40+ kids on a coach to Duxford Airbase for the day, and I had camera in tow like usual.


And then following this camp (literally the camp was friday - sunday, Freshers started sunday...) was Freshers Week 2013. Not a big issue for me as I wasn't a fresher, however we gave it a lot of student media coverage this year, including the bar crawl on the sunday night


Interviewing this guy from Radio 1 about 28 hours later in the early morning


And then this sort of happened over the next two days...


I had a 21st birthday somewhere around here, but that and most of October was quiet. The end of October however brought the 3rd edition of the East Winds Film Festival, ran by the Coventry East Asian Film Society, and in planning for about 18 months. A lot of effort, but it was worth it all in the end.


and then a few weeks after that in late November we had our yearly Network Pub Golf Ball, or a night I'll only remember as 'The Gateau incident..'


After this I was somewhere outside of London one weekend shooting photos/videos for a friend's company, at a cookie dough workshop!


And that sort of brings us to the end of the 2013 journey. Things that also happened in 2013 that I didn't include was winning an award for 'Outstanding Contribution to Media' or something similar


Cheating a little bit as we shot this in 2012, but we released Come Dine With Students in April 2013 and got a brilliant reception!


Getting onto the Societies Committee and voted on as a Student Councillor for CUSU. Becoming a reviewer for the website,

getting presented my woodbeads through scouts (finally after taking a year to process)


And countless other events, with stuff going on almost every day/week through different groups at University, groups outside of Uni in regular life or just general personal work. If anything, 2013 was busy as shown above. Already 2014 is filling up with stuff planned, including my Final Media Project (FMP) where im hoping to shoot a 15min short film in Wales, Varsity 2014 coverage, applying for jobs and graduating university (not that it's not been good, but constantly being in education since.. the age of 4? has begun to grate a bit now), Norjam 2014 following on from KiJ 2013, The Festival 2014. There are also some other secret things lined up for next year I can't wait to reveal/ start on. Looking back, 2013 was a good year.

If you still want to see more photos, you can check out my Flickr account here.

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